Chainarong Food Ltd. is manufacturer and distributor of processed pork such as dried shredded pork, sliced sheets of dried and crispy pork, Chinese sausage etc. under the brand “Chainarong” or “Xin Ha Hiang.
Chainarong Food Ltd. We have started the business of selling pork products since 1967 under the brand “Chainarong” or “Xin Ha Hiang” founded by the present owner’s father. In 1998, the brand “Chainarong” was applied to be easier recognized. We use fresh and clean materials and have standard factory guaranteed by the Food and Drug Administration. We also receive the reward of Five Stars OTOP from the Interior Ministry.
The later generation has carried on the business and accumulated experience, knowledge, and new vision, deciding that products must be continuously developed to fulfill expanded demand. Therefore, our products are permanently available at more than 20 leading department stores and we also have at least 10 temporary kiosks each month to respond to increased demand.
Chainarong food Ltd. has expanded markets through opening shops in department stores since 1997. At present, we have more than 20 shops at the fifth floor of MBK, the Paradisepark in market zone Etc.   
 Chainarong Food Shops
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